Hotels take sleep tourism to the next level

Hotels take sleep tourism to the next level

Tempo by Hilton offers rooms divided into three zones, including “an enveloping sleep environment” with a Sealy acceleration temperature-controlled and acoustically sound-absorbing mattress; lights fading as the sun sets; and, in some rooms, Peloton bikes, for people planning to exercise their Ambien.

At Conrad Baliclients can book a 60 minute private TO BALANCE spa session (starting at 1,500,000 rupees, or about $95), which involves lying in a swinging, airy, swaddled hammock that looks a lot like a real cocoon. The swing is meant to mimic floating on a cloud or being in the womb.

At the Beaumont in London, travelers can stay in perhaps the coziest room of all, called simply: BEDROOM (£1,402 per night, or approximately $1,780), a 745 square foot suite in a three-story stainless steel sculpture of a man crouching at the entrance to the hotel. It lacks a television, a telephone and even wall decorations. The aim of British sculptor Antony Gormley, who designed ROOM, is to allow guests to “achieve a meditative calm, losing the sensation of their body in the darkness and allowing the mind to expand.”

This month, during NSF Sleep Awareness Week (March 10-16), Mandarin Oriental will begin a partnership with hypnotherapist Malminder Gill, aka the Sleep Concierge, at Hyde Park property in London. (After Hyde Park, the service will be available at Mandarin Oriental in Mayfair, which will open this spring, followed by pop-ups in Europe, New York and other destinations later this year.) Starting at £500, clients can see Ms Gill at the spa for a sleep consultation and session tailored to their particular sleep concerns, with Ms. Gill even recommending optimal meal times and order of food ingestion. There will also be an option for a private bedside session, during which, if all goes well, guests fall asleep for the night.

“I tiptoed out,” Ms Gill said. “I know that sounds really strange.”

The Royal Sonesta Benjamin New York has a similar program, called Rest & Renew, led by Rebecca Robbins, co-author of “Sleep for Success!” “Everything you need to know about sleep but are too tired to ask.”

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